General Selfmade FAQs
  • 09 Feb 2023
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General Selfmade FAQs

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What is Selfmade?

Selfmade is a membership geared at giving women the tools, resources, community, and coaching they need to launch and grow their businesses. We know that building your business takes time and commitment, which is why we have created a community of like-minded founders, coaches, and top-tier CEOs to help you along the way.
From live CEO interviews, weekly coaching workshops, and 1:1 mentorship, to an up-to-date library of templates, comprehensive courses and homework, Selfmade is your one-stop-shop to launching and growing your biz alongside a network of women working towards their business goals together.

What if I don't know what my business idea is just yet?

Then we think you are the PERFECT candidate for this. We have courses and mentors that can help you hone in on the types of products or services that inspire you and that also could make for a nice business. We’ll tackle this together.

What if I already own a business?

First off, congratulations! We know it takes hard work to get to that point. We also know that it’s easy to get stuck once you get started. Our courses, workshops with our Selfmade coaches, and community can help you tackle what next steps you need to take to get un-stuck!

Is this membership for a certain age range?

Yes, but that age range is a broad one. In the past,, we’ve had members as young as 20 and as old as 70. Coincidentally, our coaches and guest speakers also range from their 20s to their 60s. So do with that what you will. We believe that you are never too old or too young to become an entrepreneur.

Can I benefit from Selfmade if I'm looking to run a non-profit?

We’ve had students who run non-profits in the past and have found them to be just as enlightening as our for-profit student businesses. Many of the same tools apply, from marketing and social media to fundraising and mastering the sales pitch.

Is this for companies that are bootstrapped or venture-backed?

Both! We want you to dream big, but that dream is YOUR dream. Tbh, there are pros and cons of both routes. Let’s chat about them and then you can figure out which path is the right one for you. All companies are eligible for grant money in our pitch competition.

Do I have to be accepted into Selfmade?

Nope! At Selfmade we want everyone to be included, so any female identifying founder (or wanna be founder) is encouraged to join. Currently, access to Selfmade is open without application but we are starting to add multi-week group intensive masterminds some of which require an application. Sign up here!

How do I contact Selfmade Support?

In order to contact Selfmade support, you should reach out to via email.